Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CATCHUP POST 2 OF 3: Strangers Holds for Eighth Frame, Slyph and Forest Team Up for Debut

As Strangers leads an eighth week, another top 5 debut occurs while Blank Space continues its top 10 stay.
Strangers leads for a second straight week and eighth overall, extending its record for most leading weeks in 2015. Note however that the song's music video, highly boosting its points, will fade out of availability to chart for the song in two weeks.

In addition, it looks like the continued challenge from Prototype (VIP), still at #2, will overtake it soon. The song was top song of June's votes by a landslide, and should have boosts in the other metrics to overtake Strangers in its weakening state.

Our top debut and only top 10 debut this week is Dueling DAWs, a collaboration between Forest Rain and SlyphStorm. It's Forest Rain's second top debut since Your Love (75-79 this week) and second top 10 after Join the Herd, and its SlyphStorm's first top 10 since Soldiers of the Night, a 2 week leader at the beginning of the chart year.

Once again, the rest of the top 10 basically shuffles: Fighting Back (5-4), Battle of the Bands (6-5), and Cupcakes (Remix) (7-6) move up a rung from decreased competition, We Dreamt Our Dream rebounds 9-7, Sinking Ships holds at #8, Fly Like You recovers 10-9, and Blank Space edges out 4-10.

Off the top 10 is Applejack Remix, down an astounding 3-48.

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