Saturday, July 11, 2015

Prince Whateverer Wins Tight Race and His First #1

Prince Whateverer finally gets his first #1 with brand new track Left Behind. It wins a tight race among perennial hit Prototype (#3) and newcomer Wireframe (#2), all in a margin of 1.9%.
Left Behind is primarily fueled by views. 13,500 views and 930 likes give the song a massive start, likely owing to the excitement over new pure metal content from the artist. In addition, Your Own Sky remains in the top 5, slipping 2-5 but posting well: it gets a massive stimulus of 56 votes along with 130 likes and 6,500 views.

Behind only by 1.1% is the second debut Wireframe by PON3. The track is part of the Octavia's Symphonies collection, and of the two to chart so far, this is the biggest by a mile. It starts more fueled by likes than Left Behind, having 1,100 likes and 11,600 views.

Prototype (VIP), only 1.9% behind Left Behind, slips from the top to bronze. It still commands 52 votes along with 200 likes and 14,000 views.

Surging in 24-4 is a massive group project headed by Pinkie Rose to cover Friendship Through the Ages. The song earns 100 votes, the most since Soldiers of the Night started with 101, and also earns 70 likes and 4,500 views. It could challenge for a new peak soon.

One other big surger from votes is My Past is Not Today (Remix) by Vylet Pony along with Strigidae, jumping 55-10 after previously peaking at #14. This now both acts' first top 10, after Vylet chalked up numerous hits in the top 20. Speaking of, Vylet also debuts his new track The Butterfly at #25. Anyway, for "Past", it starts with 65 votes, though a middling 20 likes and 1,000 views hold it back. It could go further next week!

The rest of the top 10 are shifts from all the surges and debuts: We Dreamt Our Dream falls 4-6, Fighting Back falls 3-7, Under Our Spell (Remix) stumbles 7-8, and Fly Like You regresses 5-9.

Off the top 10 are Sinking Ships (6-11), Cupcakes (Remix) (8-13), Battle of the Bands (9-14), and Strangers (10-18).

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