Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CATCHUP POST 1 OF 3: Strangers leads while oodorato2 and Ferexes debut high

NOTE: I was off on vacation for 2 weeks and during this time, I had data collected for the 2 weeks after this thanks to BaumkuchenPony, runner of Pony25, the popular likes-based chart. This week is late due to graduation preparation prior to the vacation, and I now am able to present it!

Strangers returns to the top spot following a brief upheaval by Prototype, which only goes down to runner-up. oodorato2 and Ferexes also make top 5 debuts.

Strangers is now the longest #1 runner for 2015, with the adjustments in place. Here's the current ranking:

Strangers, 7 weeks
Wild Fire, 6 weeks
Winter's F***ed Up, 6 weeks
Fighting Back, 2 weeks
Soldiers of the Night, 2 weeks

Meanwhile, Prototype (VIP) drops 1-2 in its second week on the chart, though it looks poised to recover next week following June's votes, due late this month.

Launching at #3 is Applejack Remix by oodorato2. It's his third top 10, following the toppers Twilight Sunshine Remix (down 24-30 this week) and Halloween Rocks.

Meanwhile, right behind is Blank Space by Ferexes at #4. It is also his third top 10, following Malfunction (3-19 this week) and The Renegade (41-47).

The rest of the top 10 is basically a shuffle: Fighting Back holds at #5, Battle of the Bands backtracks 4-6, Cupcakes (Remix) rebounds 10-7, Sinking Ships drops 6-8, We Dreamt Our Dream slumbers 7-9, and Fly Like You clips 9-10.

Off the top 10 are The Malfunction and Funky Girl (8-34).

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