Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CATCHUP POST 3 OF 3: Prototype returns to #1, Prince Whateverer Debuts

Prototype returns to the top spot after a 2-week block by Strangers following its crowning as top song in votes for May. In addition, the #3 spot is once again home to a debut and Under Our Spell returns to the top 10.
Prototype (VIP) leads in part thanks to the new votes it received last week in the May 2015 toptenpony poll. 54 remain this week, and the song also boosts in the other metrics: 300 likes and 17,000 views keep it strong.

Strangers, meanwhile, suffers as it nears next week, when its music video no longer provides points (it currently supports it at 10%). An aggregate 275 likes and 18,000 views were moderately strong, but votes are its main weakness.

Debuting at #3 is Your Own Sky by Prince Whateverer. This is his latest top 10 launch following 12115 (which holds at #20 this week) which started in April.

Fighting Back and Battle of the Bands hold at their previous positions.

We Dreamt Our Dream recovers 7-6 this week. At this point, it is the current #1 song of the year. Naturally, there are several competitors that could come this summer and fall, but if it sticks around a few more weeks, it may be secure. The OhPonyBoy-supported Sinking Ships also climbs 8-7.

Fly Like You inches forward 9-8. Also from the Wasteland Wailers, Sky and Me soars 34-28, though it misses its #22 peak.

Cupcakes (Remix) slips 6-9.

Returning to the top 10 11-10 is Under Our Spell (Remix) by SquareHead. To date, this is his only top 10, and is currently #2 song of the year. This also closes a 3 and half month gap between its visits to the top 10, one of the longest not fueled by the holiday or special eligibility (Do You Want to See the Moon Rise? ended up waiting over 4 months between top 10 visits while Moonrise re-entered the top 10 almost a year after its final top 10 week of the first run).

Off the top 10 are Duelling DAWs (3-16) and Blank Space (10-18).

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