Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pinkie Rose Tops Trot 100 Amid Multiple Top 10 Debuts

Pinkie Rose, fresh off her win at the June votes, powers on to nab her first #1 with Friendship Through the Ages, beating perennial champ Prototype (VIP). In addition, four songs launch directly into the top 10, including a sophomore appearance of Delta Brony and Pinkie Rose herself!
Friendship Through the Ages, jumping 4-1, naturally receives a giant boost from its votes. Sporting 99 this week, it is supplemented by 130 likes and 8,500 views. This gives it a 2.8% lead over Prototype (VIP), which recovers 3-2 this week. It hosts 51 votes, 160 votes, and 13,000 views.

Rising 5-3 is Your Own Sky, gaining boosts in views and likes. Fellow track (and last week's #1) Left Behind crashes hard out of the top 10, all the way down to #27. Its competition, Wireframe, did about the same, falling 2-31.

Fighting Back rebounds 7-4. Helping it out in proxy is the debut of 174UDSI's remix of their older single Quest (This Can't Be All), which gains enough points to re-enter at #34. Also in 174UDSI news, I'm a Pony in Canterlot climbs 20-19.

Our top debut this week comes from Silva Hound, hot off the heels of hit collaborations Wild Fire and Come Alive (which moves 24-29 this week), entitled Diamonds, which lands at #5. The track starts with 570 likes and 6,400 views.

We Dreamt Our Dream holds at #6. Less positively for OhPonyBoy, Only Pony stumbles 55-60.

Delta Brony lands his second top 10 after In Our Town (Starlight Glimmer Boss Remix) (which falls 85-95 this week) with Tantabus Boss Theme starts at #7. It begins with 350 likes and 7,800 views.

Climbing 10-8 is My Past is Not Today (Remix). Falling, however, from Vylet is The Butterfly, which crashes 25-90.

Wasteland Wailers performs a top 10 swap following the debut of Mail it In at #9. The track is the third collaboration between them and Haymaker for the Fallout Equestria video game. With its induction comes the fall of Fly Like You from #9 to #11.

Finally, we have a rap battle starting at #10, this time a beef of Pinkie Pie v.s. Rainbow Dash. The track was instrumented and written by Frenzy, and has current #1 artist Pinkie Rose as, well, Pinkie and Brittney Ackerman as Rainbow.

Off the top 10 along with the three previously mentioned is Under Our Spell (Remix), dropping 8-12.

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