Saturday, July 4, 2015

Prototype Leads Third Week

Prototype tops the Trot 100 for a third week by a safe margin. In addition, its closest competition, Strangers, takes a mighty hit, leaving the new runnerup to be last week's debut Your Own Sky.
Prototype (VIP) continues its reign with high standings in all 3 metrics. It is currently the second biggest song in votes with 53 of them, matches that rank in likes with 245 of those, and dominates with 15,500 views, topping that metric. This is Glaze's first topper on the Trot 100, after Tough Luck peaked at #3 last year.

Climbing up a rung to become the runnerup is Your Own Sky, the top debut from last week. It currently is the song with the most likes, as it racks up 350 this week. Nevertheless, despite a decent 10,000 views this week, a lack of votes keeps it from going further at the moment. Prototype beats it by 83.7%. Still, this is a career best for Prince Whateverer, who now has his first #2; he previously got as high as #4 thanks to Awesome as I Wanna Be.

Returning to the top 3 in a 4-3 move is Fighting Back. It remains vote champion with 62, and had a decent 60 likes and 5,000 views.

Finally hitting a new peak is We Dreamt Our Dream, moving 6-4. 31 weeks into its run, it still is hitting new heights. In addition, Only Pony climbs 54-46 back into the top half.

This was the week for longstays to recover: Fly Like You resurges 8-5, its first time in the top 5 since the beginning of May. Also in Wasteland Wailers news, the Anneli Heed collab Sky and Me holds at #28.

Sinking Ships continues its slow ascent 8-6. The duo's newest collab Arimaspi recovers 85-76 this week.

Under Our Spell (Remix) climbs 10-7, Cupcakes (Remix) inches 9-8, and Strangers collapses 2-10 due to the last of its potential points from the music video fading away.

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